Artist Statement

As a transcendentalist artist, I am inspired by the forms, colors and details I discover in nature...especially those found within the innermost reaches of the timeless rose. My artistic impetus is to create meaningful art that is beautiful, sensual and compelling. The depth I experience in life and relationships occurs similarly in flora and I want my art to express this distinct quality. There is something uniquely powerful about the messages within a rose and with my art I seek to capture this higher frequency. My artistic interpretations are intimate photographic compositions rendered in a painterly manner that express a profound connection to the divine feminine. The essensual character of my ART and the purpose for bringing it to people is that I believe it has the power to ignite a response within their hearts and minds in order to live and LOVE more completely.


Artist Biography

Stephen Bryer started as an artist at the early age of 8, painting watercolor studies of still life floral arrangements that his mother regularly placed on the kitchen table. With no particular outside encouragement or influence he began to draw and paint with an innate passion that was as natural as it is to breathe. Thus began a continuum of creative expression and art that was rarely interrupted over the next 13 years, which included art projects, contests and art school.

Upon completing his degree in Art from California State University Long Beach in 1983, because Stephen had no clear direction of a specific medium or subject matter for his art, he worked in the design field until his mid 50's, creating unique environments, finely crafted furniture pieces and one of a kind art objects for discriminating clientele throughout the Western states. Graphic, interior, architectural, furniture and garden creations were his form of artistic expression, but primarily as an artisan and craftsman. 

That all changed when working on one of his garden projects a particular rose caught his attention and he captured this beauty as a photograph. Even having a connection to roses throughout most of his life, tending for them, studying them, sharing them...suddenly he had a newfound appreciation for its sensual forms and exquisite detail.

Now Stephen creates compelling works of floral art that draw one in both visually and emotionally. The profound impact on those who engage with his art has a powerfully transformative and often healing effect; as well as inspiring feelings of love and romance. Each piece of art is sensual, intimate and a personal kind of universal beauty that urges one to look within...again and again.

Stephen, a deeply spiritual, introspective and intuitive artist, photographs, draws, paints and creates roses and other floral imagery in a contemporary, slightly abstract approach that he calls Modern Floralism. These intimately dramatic, yet subtle studies accentuate the petals and structure that constitute the physical as well as spiritual elements of the flowers, especially his favorite subject...the timeless rose. Through his keen interpretive eye, they become a sophisticated study of light and shadow, line and form, color and composition that captures their beautiful essence...and beyond.